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The Lefkas International Folklore Festival is the first of its kind in France after the Fetes de la Vigne in Dijon. It begins with a series of cultural festivals in the heart of the capital, the city centre and the French countryside.

Bands and artists from all over the world have been exchanging musical talents since 1962. The Lefkas International Folklore Festival promotes the cultural heritage of Greece and its people, as well as its culture and traditions.

The Ionian seas and islands provide the perfect setting for an inspiring and creative week when the group embarks on a sailing yacht that will allow a true musical odyssey. We leave our hotel and head to the port of Igoumenitsa, where we board a yacht to sail through the Strait of Corfu to a group of islands known as the Ionian Islands, and then to the island of Lefkas.

We leave our hotel in Meteora and drive to Lefkada, probably the most spectacular landscape in Greece. In its majestic interior there is a small village where you still get a feeling of bygone days, with its old houses and old churches, as well as a beautiful beach.

In fact, local festivals are common on the Greek island and a great option for those who enjoy local music, who want to observe and participate in local dance styles or who have never been in contact with locals. The island offers a variety of bars and nightclubs, offering a wide range of music and a good selection of food and drinks.

The current difficult financial situation in Greece is, of course, having an impact on the Festival and restricting its horizon. In any case, most people working in the tourism and hospitality sector in Greece actually work only during summer time and earn money.

Visitors to the magnificent historical sites during the day and then to the main events of the festival, such as the music festival and the fireworks in the early evening, will certainly feel like a god - a gift. On another Greek island, outside the capital, you'll find seaside bars that listen to music and enjoy air - grilled food. In this way, travelers can enjoy a complete culinary experience while listening to ancient - contemporary classical Greek music.

Of course, it is an understatement to say that "Greek food is wonderful," but it is no coincidence that this title teaches us a lot about the quality of Greek food and the variety of its ingredients. Greek cuisine and is known as "the best of all foods in the world," which meets all nutritional needs.

In fact, the word "music" comes from Lefkada, an island in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Greece, south of the city of Athens. The island was named after the poet Aristotelis Valaoritis (1824-79), who was born on the island and later wrote more than Japan and New Orleans. Some people think he is famous for his love of music, but the most famous postman, who comes from Lefksada, is the poem Aristotelsia by the poets Aristotle and Val aOritis, both born in Greece and later writing in Greek.

Compared to most other Greek islands, Lefkada is very green and offers a landscape that is rather unusual for Greece. There are so many wonderful activities and sights to see, and there is a great variety of food and drinks as well as a wide range of handicrafts. In 1819 he staged a performance of Aristotelsia para Faeaxin afixis tou Odysseos (Aristotelis Valaoritis in Greek). There is no lost work of him, but there are a number of paintings of him on the island, like this one by aOritis and his wife.

Of course, the easiest way to get to Lefkada, wherever you live, is probably with a connection to Athens. I suggest you use a travel form to help you plan your holiday in Greece. Maybe Pierros even plays the mandolin, or maybe you can fly to the island from Athens by bus or train and then take the ferry.

So I think if everyone has to travel, they should travel to places that people want to visit. There are wedding destinations in Greece, private villas and there is Preveza, from where you can set off and change to different parts of the island, such as Lefkada, Piraeus, Karpathos, Thessaloniki, Crete and Athens.

The hospitable island with its many activities is proud to have proved itself to be one of the most hospitable places in the world for people of all ages and abilities. Whether you choose a sailboat or not, Lefkada's proximity to the Mediterranean, not to mention its proximity to Ithaki and Kefalonia, makes it one of the best areas in Greece. The three beaches are some of my best on this island, surrounded by stunning scenery with a variety of different types of sand and water.

More About Lefkada

More About Lefkada