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The paradise island of Lefkada in the Ionian Sea is a great destination for family holidays. Thousands of tourists from Greece and abroad have visited or are still visiting the country to enjoy and explore its beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery and unique culture. Thousands of tourists from the Greek islands and other parts of the world have been visiting LfKada for several years or are still visiting it, enjoying and exploring its beautiful beaches and beautiful scenery as well as its unique cultures.

You can get an impression of the ancient culture of the island in the Archaeological Museum of Lefkada, the Museum of Ancient Greece and the Archaeology of LfKada. The museum is located on the islands and you can also get an idea of ancient cultures by visiting the Museum of Ancient Greece in Athens and other museums and galleries. L fKADA has some fun games, so immerse yourself in culture and take your family, friends and family members on a trip to the Ionian Islands for a fun and relaxing holiday.

Like many places in Greece, Lefkada combines the beauty of nature with a rich history and cultural heritage. If you want to learn more about the ancient culture of LfKada and its history, visit the Archaeological Museum and the cultural center of the city.

Apart from its beauty, Lefkada is also one of the most hospitable islands to visit, and there are also many opportunities for visitors to discover pieces of the rich Greek culture. Wherever you go in LfKada, they will serve you a hearty traditional Greek breakfast and put you in touch with the rich history and cultural heritage of this beautiful Mediterranean island. If you don't like embroidery, you can fill your stomach with a Greek specialty in one or more taverns and enjoy a delicious meal of Greek cuisine, such as a Greek salad or a traditional Greek dish.

There is still a long way to go before your holiday is over, so you should think hard about what time you want to spend on this Greek island. We recommend you to use our form "Create a travel plan" to plan your holiday in Greece. Also we are well located - in LfKada, also offers free parking to explore what you want.

Many tourists from Greece and Europe come to Lefkada for their holidays, mainly because of the beautiful beaches and the beautiful landscape. The island itself is accessible via a bridge that connects the island with the mainland and the free prefecture of central Greece.

Whether you choose a sailboat or not, Lefkada's beautiful beaches, beautiful scenery and proximity to Ithaki and Kefalonia (not to mention its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea) make it one of the best areas in Greece.

Depending on the town you want to visit, the island is one of the largest in Greece and is connected to the neighbouring islands by ferry. From Nydri you can take a day trip to Meganisi, but exploring the whole city is best for a longer stay. There is no ferry that connects Lefkada to mainland Greece, so you have to connect the island to the mainland via a causeway. Skorpios, a private island originally owned by Aristotle Onassis, is the only one to be reached by ferry, as it is connected by dams on the mainland.

Lefkada attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, with its beautiful beaches, floating bridges and beautiful scenery, as well as its unique culture and history.

Although the island has a lot to offer, it is spared from mass tourism and not as crowded as Crete or Corfu. One of the main beaches of this island is Porto Katsiki, named after the famous Portuguese port city of Lefkada, the capital of Portugal. Although less known than Porto's Katski, it is also one of Greece's most popular tourist destinations and a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Hospitable, with many activities that the islands offer, it is proud to have a wide variety of cultural activities as well as a good gastronomic offer.

As for the Greek islands, the small island of Lefkada is not everyone's natural choice, as the attention of tourists is mainly focused on the much advertised islands of Mykonos, Korf, Santorini and Crete, but the list is very long. The island is connected to the Greek mainland by a floating bridge and is home to one of Greece's most popular tourist destinations, Porto Katsiki. It is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and the third largest in Europe and represents the largest part of the famous tourist part of Greece.

The beaches along the west coast are as beautiful as in Greece, while the interior is dotted with villages humming traditional tunes and seemingly untouched by tourism. The island also has a rich literary tradition, as this area is home to some of the most famous writers in Greece, such as Aristophanes, Aristotle, Ephraimides, Kostas and Efthymis.

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More About Lefkada